Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Sophie says, "Good morning, Eponine! I am so glad you're here."


  1. My mom says Eppy am going to meet up with Mimi in them clouds. He will be awaiting cuz she sent vibes up there. He was her speshul boy when hers was a tot, long years ago. He is an old paw at welcoming new ones to the Bridge.

  2. Sophie please tell Eppy hi from all of us. My hero Chloe will tell her hi too. I never got to meet her cuz it was Chloe going over the Rainbow Bridge that made Mommy decide to go find a kitty to pick her out, and that was me. But I know they're all there and real happy with the greatest catnip and sunny places to nap.

  3. The comments here are a joy to read. Thanks, William, for thinking of my Eponine. You have provided much comfort to me during this time.

    You are very handsome! - Eponine's Cowboy

    p.s. My grandma is buried in Albuquerque and my sister lives in Santa Fe. Two of my favorite places to visit.

  4. How sweet Sophie. I remember reading your story before. It is very nice of your to welcome Eponine over the Rainbow Bridge. ~Merlin


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