Monday, February 21, 2005

I Was So Sure.

I thought Mom was holding out on me. She had this bag of treats that she wouldn't let me have, although we all followed her all over when she brought the bag out and opened it. Then, when she left the bag on the counter, I decided to check it out myself.

I got the bag of treats! Posted by Hello

One more bite... Posted by Hello

Wait a minute! These aren't treats...
they're cough drops!!
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  1. My brother, Huggy Bear, loves to play with cough drops. Mom and Dad keep finding them all over the house. I guess he thought they were treats also.


  2. cough drops?! Blech! Mommy has those and she tricked me with them too! Her's smell like root beer and taste like it too but...blech! I don't like root beer!

  3. How disappointing. My People do mean things like that, too. I thought they had a GIANT bag of turned out to be M&Ms. Those are fun to play with, but not eat. But I got very excited, thinking I'd hit the Treat Motherload...


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