Monday, October 13, 2014

Columbus Day Weekend.

We had a fun weekend, even though we did not see these at all at any point during the Fear-esta.

I X'ed these out of the photo we took from the balcony the last time we saw them so you'd know what we didn't see. Obviously this year they must have been flying clear away from the Caroline Zone.

Izzy made a new friend who looked leafy, like this.

Attribution: By The_undertow, via Wikimedia Commons

His katydid was on the balcony door screen. Naturally my mom had to talk to it in her Universal Cat Voice, which intensified Izzy's fascination. Mom said he couldn't go out to play with her, and of course Katydid couldn't come in either. It started to rain and Katydid left. So much for that friendship.

Mom and Aunt M went on the very cool singing road.

Attribution: KRQE

It played "America the Beautiful" and was just opened at the beginning of October. The singing road was paid for by National Geographic and is a permanent addition to Route 66 (you can read about it and hear it here--just answer one no-hassle question to read the article).

They were on their way to the Oak Flat Picnic Grounds in the Cibola National Forest, which was pretty but very very windy!

They did not think to bring home any picnic food for us, though. All I can say is, it's a good thing there was no KFC involved!


  1. Golly, William! Y'all had tons of cool stuff happening!

  2. Izzy. You MUST investigate further, to wit: will Katy Did make you FOAM if consumed? It *might* be a Katy DON'T!

    Yr Bug-Eatin' Pal, Felix

  3. So much cool stuff going on around your place... and while your human is out. You have a musical road? Disney played around with those and the manpeep knows people who drove over the test strips, but that's the closest the head peep ever came to hearing something like that. She didn't know that any were actually in use today. Very cool!

  4. Whoa, look at all that ! We're sorry it didnt work out with Katy.

  5. Oh, we like Katydids here too! They make that loud clicky sound which drives us all crazy. Bummer he didn't stick around. :(

  6. I really wish a katydid would find its way into my house! I hear they taste really good, although probably not like KFC.

  7. WOW, a singing road. That is very special , and we've never heard of such a thing.

  8. I've never seen a Katydid - it's very pretty. I've had some praying mantis visitors - they're interesting to watch.

  9. We like Katydids! Mom says that singing road sounds really neat. We had KFC here, the Girls love it but I turned my nose up this time, Mom thinks too many spices this time.

  10. Shoot! The least they coulda done was bring you home a squirrel or sumfing. We think this was a very interesting and informative post about the long weekend. Sorry you did not see any balloons. We saw the Blue Angels--well, the Human didn't go down to the marina to watch them this year, but we sure heard and saw them and they flew over our neighborhood getting ready to form up for their next trick! XOXOXOXO to my Cheezy Gurl

  11. Inlove Katydids! And that road is fascinating!!!


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