Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Déjà Vu All Over Again.

It's me, Caroline!

And didn't feel like sitting still for a photo because I have news!

See, my mom was going to get us a new sister. But I didn't really want one because I like being the only girl. So I concentrated really hard that she wouldn't find one.

The thing is, she thought she did! This little girl was in one of the group rooms at the shelter, along with two little boys. Mom wanted to visit with the girl, so she got one of the people there to let her into the room. But do you know what happened? The little girl was not interested at all!

But the boys! I guess they were stuck together like glue, and the two of them were all over Mom. Well, to make a long story short for now, she was instantly smitten and didn't have the heart to leave them or separate them.

In Mom's bathroom

I guess it's OK. Especially since I am still the only princess here!

William will have more tomorrow, because I need a Cheez-It now.

Oh, and in case you wondered, no, they didn't come home together in one box--my mom had only the one carrier with her.


  1. OMG - Your new brothers are a couple of cuties. You will, of course, have the upper paw sweetie. You can keep all those boys in line.

  2. Oh my, a double doption!!! That is wonderful and you ARE still THE Princess!

  3. Look how cute the two of them are, all cuddled together. Bonded pairs of adopted kitties are wonderful!

  4. 4 boys 1 girl. Woo-hoo! Girl still rules! Way to go, Caroline!
    Your new brothers are cute, but now there are three black kitties to tell apart! Names yet?

  5. ANOTHER Black cat...and another Creamsicle????!!!!!!!

    Cod luff your Mommy, she's in for FUN.

  6. Oh Caroline! Princess Caroline,the one and only :)
    Those two kitties are SO CUTE!
    Sorry, that was Mom.
    She loves that there is another black kitty and the orange guy is
    so cute !
    Oh , life at your place is bound to be fun :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. OMC, that one looks like me without the nose spot! ~ MARLEY

  8. OMC! ANOTHER Black Boy??? I hope your Mom dips their tailios in red, yellow and blue dye! Or shaves their initials into their headies! Or SOMETHING!

    But all the same SQUEE! SQUEE! SQUEE! How old are they???

    I am kinda glad you are the Only Girl, my darling Princess Caroline! XOXOXO

  9. What an adorable pair! And at least you are still the only lady, Caroline! We are all girls here, so we have to trade off being princesses.

  10. OH that is so precious to see. They look so adorable and kissable. Caroline, you are Queen of the household! I hope that you, um, well, that you aren't screaming? Might scare the youngsters...

  11. SQUEEEEE! I've been on pins and needles, Caroline, so thanks for the news! A pair of Halloween cats, and boys to boot. This is gonna be great!

  12. OMC, they're adorable. No wonder your human couldn't leave them or separate them.


  13. oh they are adorable. and nothing wrong with being the only princess. think of it this way Caroline - these guys are young enough you can whap them into submission sooner. :)

  14. Eles são muito fofos! Eu também não teria coragem de separá-los.

  15. Oh they are stinkin' cute! I can see why your Mom couldn't leave them!

  16. I had to go all the way back but I found it.
    Congrats (really late) on adopting the two boys.
    What fun adventures you will have.
    You now have five, like I do.

    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang


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