Monday, July 01, 2013

Too Much Excitement.

Well, we got a break with the heat and our temps have cooled some. Just in time, too, because my mom got some sort of stomach bug yesterday and I've had to tend to her. (And you know what that means –– sick moms = virtually useless moms.)

And then, I found out this morning that evildoers had tried to hack into my blog* and I had to fix that too!

Is it any wonder why I'm hiding under the couch now?

*Google shut the blog down after what appears to have been an attempted brute force attack, so nothing was compromised or lost. For more info on that and how to protect your Blogger blogs, take a look here.


  1. Yes, way too much excitement! Glad your blog is safe.

  2. Oh, my Ceiling Cat. Too much to deal with. Hiding out is an excellent plan. We hope your Mom gets better soon.

  3. Whew!! Thank goodness you are still blogging :o
    That is certainly too much going on William.
    We are glad you are cooler and we purr your Mom feels better .
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  4. Oh yay you are back. We were worried when we stopped by yesterday and there was nothing!

  5. I'm glad things got fixed - but why would evildoing humans want to mess with a cat blog? I've had issues in the past with mine, and it is so maddening!

  6. Yikes! So glad you didn't lose your blog.

    We hope you mom is feeling better soon.

  7. It doesn't sound like you've been having any fun lately. I've got something to cheer you up:

    My Mommy (cod luf her) read your blog post title TWO times and BOTH times thought it said: TOO MUCH EXCREMENT
    Wow. What an airhead!

  8. "Brute force attack"??? Jeebus! Well, it must have something to do with Russell, don't you think?

    XOXOXO to your Mom.

  9. We hope your mommy is feeling better :)

    Google once notified me they had blocked someone from Venezuela from getting into my Google mail account. It's rather scary :(

  10. Whew! What a day, huh? Our Dad is under the weather too because of all the heat. Obviously, the squirrels are behind everything else! Sending purrs that your mom feels better soon! Purrs...

  11. William, I am so so sorry that you and the family went thru this and I am very grateful for the link and what I read. Who knew???? xxoo

  12. I am glad you got your blog back William. Some time back our blog was blocked due to "unusual activity" I had to give my phone number to get a code to unblock it.

  13. sounds like your house is the white house down, hehehe, the humans watched that movie last weekend.

    take care of your mom.

    emma and buster

  14. What a mess to sort out. I sure am happy that you wrote about it tho because we've decided to take some steps to keep it from happening to us. Dang spammers.


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