Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meezerless Wednesday.

First, I was too upset to post on Monday because of a horrible incident I was an ear witness to. One of those roadrunners–and they really are pretty mean birds, after all–had managed to get into a tree and destroy a little bird family. This was most traumatizing.

Second, the heat and humidity. OMC, we have been parboiling for days. Days, I say! Last night was the final straw for my mom, who was most distressed to find it to be 85° in her bedroom at bedtime. (It's a wonder she's not peeing on the carpet or yakking on the counter tops!) The evaporative cooler–no doubt the preferred cooling method of terrorists–had been getting worse and worse and worse. The problem, as it turns out? Hard water tends to clog up the lines, so only one of four was working. And of course it's only a 3AP motor (that's ant power). Anyway, a nice man came by this evening to clean up the lines and everything's getting better now. I think we are totally hating on this summer, though. (Mom says it might as well be called Menopause 2.0).

And then, then, our litter scoop broke! It was awful! That sent all of us into orbit!

So you see, that's why I haven't been around.


  1. Oh you poor, poor darlings! I hate the hots soooooooo much (almost as much as my Human does). We have missed you but totally understand how the heat can suck the life right out of you. We hope that person really got your cold machines fixed. Maybe your mom would pour a few bags of ice in the bathtub for you??

  2. We totally understand! We've had the hots all summer. But, the litter scoop, that really is the last straw! Better take it easy, kittehz. Good thing the weekend is getting close. xoxo

  3. Out of all of those, I have to say the broken litter scoop was the worst! ESPECIALLY in that heat.

  4. How terrible! We hope things get much better from now on.

  5. Our mom's laughing at the menopause 2.0. Ha!

    We have to agree about the litter scoop! Very scary!

    85F isn't too bad...On our hottest days it's been well over 90F upstairs in the mom's bedroom at night. But that wasn't too many days, fortunately.

    Still, it's definitely easier to sleep when it's cooler!

  6. You poor thing but..It's so funny post..Ha..Ha...Ha
    I like the way you wonder about your mom ..Tee Hee I wonder some time too : )
    and Mom laugh so hard about Menopause 2.0

    and I hope you get away from horrible orbit !!! I hope your mom got the replacement so soon !!!


  7. ugh - that is terrible!!! Mom shut our windows again but at least she turns the a/c it is cooler here.

  8. What a horrid bird that roadrunner is! We had no idea they had gangster tendencies.

  9. We didn't know roadrunners were that mean. They may need a new name.

    But, a broken litter scoop must have been more horrible than the thousands of degrees in your house. We're glad your cooling machine got fixed.

  10. OH my! That doesn't sound like fun at all. I think swamp coolers work best in places like ours where it never gets TOO hot and just a little cooling is good.

  11. Yikes! This sounds like a most terrible couple of days! Being hot alone is enough to put our Mom Person in a SERIOUSLY cat-tankerous mood!

    Did you at least get a new litter scoop?

  12. Mom laffed out loud when the scoop broke! She said she could picture the scene!! We did not think it was funny. We are sorry you have it so hot!! Thank goodness the man fixed things.
    We purr the cool breezes find you. WE are trying to blow some your way, but it is a long way and they may get lost heehee!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  13. That ear witness account sounds traumatizing.

    It's usually over 90 degrees when we go to bed at night so we hear your mom. It's too hot.

    Glad the cc thing was caught and stopped early!


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