Monday, July 18, 2011

Photoless Monday.

We had a totally lazy weekend, with multiple naps. My mom never got around to hanging the pictures or taking pictures! Double win!

I did have a lot of fun watching things from my tower, though. I saw squirrels here for the first time. And a bunny! And you know that roadrunner Mom "gave" me for my birthday awhile back? He has a mate, so there are two of them! I don't think they really go beep beep like the cartoon roadrunner. I could only hear them chatter to one another.

(And I probably shouldn't tell you that my mom went out on the balcony to chatter back at them. I can't imagine what they thought. I can't imagine what the neighbors thought! Thank Cod I am not an outdoor cat, else I'd have to skulk around in shame! Does your mom do dumb stuff like this?)


  1. My human talks to LIZARDS! I would be happier if she ate them - and shared with me! BTW, William, it sounds like you have some pawsome creatures to watch from your window!

  2. I think it is admirable that your mom is trying to communicate with nature.

    I'm back blogging and have started a new blog for my future furchildren. Please drop by and visit Sweet Purrfections at

    Mom Paula

  3. WOOT!!!!!!!! A Mom weekend for you kitties!!!!!!!! Way to score ;)
    As for Moms totally embarrassing us....ours does to!!!!! She talks to the squirrels when she puts out the seeds. We hear her going chee,chee,chee to them!!!! ::sigh::
    At least we are not alone. Seems plenty of kitties have wacky Moms ;) hahaha
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  4. My mama talks to the birdies when she puts out the seeds. I think mamas are just plain silly when it comes to outside creatures.

  5. DOOD! Do you efur read our blog?! My mom is nuts! Go read today's blog and you will agree. Don't worry, they seem to be able to muddle through somehow. Have a pawsome Tuesday.

  6. My Human does not chitter at passing birdies or other small animals, but she DOES say the most UNBELIEVABLY embarrassing things to me. I mean, really, sometimes I think I'll die from just hearing this stuff.

  7. WE love no-picture weekends too. SO rare... Congrats on that!

  8. Nicki and Derry's mom here (Fuzzy Tales)...Very cool that your mom likes to listen to CBC radio! Does she ever catch The Debaters (at 1PM EDT) on Saturdays? It's a half-hour comedy/improv show, with two sets of comedians debating a particular topic. Some episodes are hilarious, others--so-so. :-)

    Also love Bob MacDonald`s science news hour (noon our time).

    Stay cool you guys. I`m considering a portable air conditioner...if any are left in stock in the city. LOL.

  9. What a great weekend, William! Time with your mom, and no flashy box!

  10. William, we want to live with photos, or Cod forbid, filming.
    Our Mommy talks to everything, badly.

  11. Humans!!!
    What have we created, eh?
    When we decided to live in their houses we should have imposed more rules on them.
    Mine is always embarrassing me!
    Magic Aimee

  12. It must have been an outstanding weekend of watching and being lazy.


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