Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Wrap-Up.

Woo hoo! Three mom days coming up! Thanks, Columbus guy! This will be fun, we think.

Although, someone in my mom's department where she hunts was diagnosed with that ham flu thing just today so we hope Mom doesn't come down with it. I mean, the ham part sounds pretty good, but not the rest of it. Plus, even with the five of us, a sick mom is a pawful. So we're hoping that tonight her headache is just a headache. I mean, she's not snorting or squealing or anything so it probably just is. But we'll go snuggle on her just to make sure.

Have a fun weekend, everybody!

Do we need masks?


  1. You can get flu from ham?! I hope your person doesn't get it. Imagine if she had horrible memories of ham!!!

  2. Someone in my department at work also got the ham flu, but no one else caught it. Tell your Mom to be careful, though. My co-worker died of it.

  3. Make sure your Mom rests and stays healthy!

  4. Mmmmm....ham....

    Oh, sorry...I hope it was just a headache, cause the flu thing would just suck...

  5. Pass the Purell Please! Start downing that Airbourne and you'd better stock up on tissues and chicken soup - just in case.

    Good Luck!

  6. Purrs that your mum stays all healthy. Lots of naps this weekend to rest up.

  7. Gee!! We sure hope you do not need masks!!!!!!! We hope that piggy thing does not get your Mom too!
    We have a 3 day weekend with Mom :)
    We have our Thanksgiving. Mmmmmmmm turkey!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  8. Oh Bast, he looks so much like Skeeter wit that orange fur and all that white belly and stuff. He even has the same look on his face.

    Sigh, I miss him so much...


  9. Take care of your The Mom, she will be just fine. Enjoy your long weekend!

  10. i'm with Patches, paw sanitizer. and i think masks are a good idea. ham is only good for eating, not germing up our beans. how can something that brings so much joy like ham bring hurts? sigh.

    we hope your mommy is all better and it was just a headache. let us know!


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