Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Thought We Were Turtles.

Look what I got!

I thank Jasper, Lux, Beau Beau, and Earl Grey for giving me these awards. I'm sorry my mom has been so slow about helping me with these (but you know she had that birthday and all). Here is a recent picture of her:

Ha ha ha ha!


  1. Hee! Good thing 'your mom' isn't here. DKM would have squished her.

  2. Hey, it looks like Snail from Daisy's house has teleported over!

  3. Congratulations on your awards. They are richly deserved. We don't think you should be calling your mom a snail tho. She might read that and not give you any treats.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. ha ha ha ha that is funny, but your mommy probably won't think so!

    i've been loving the moon too. what is awesome is that with the 2 day blackout here in Cincy, the night was only lit by the moon and the windows were open. i felt every bit the sleek stealthy house panther!

    congrats on your awards! you are very deserving!

  5. We know how birthday's can get distracting. Josie and Hb had theirs this week, and Dad's is this weekend, so Mom and Dad have been busy getting ready for company and haven't hardly let us on the computer to visit people.

  6. We hope it doesn't affect your treats schedule.

  7. Hey everyone, congratz on your awards!

    Wm., I sympathize completely with the poor performance you get from your help. We have the same pitiful situation here.


  8. Hehe, congratulations on all the awards!


Wowee meowee.