Sunday, August 17, 2008


We got our cold fronts, all the way from Canada. We had two pleasant days with some rain, some sun, and nice temperatures. Great napping weather. Today we all took a snooze together, although Russell almost wrecked it for all of us. Mom said to him that if he didn't stop whatever he was doing (which was plucking at stuff at the head of the bed, natch) and settle down, everybody would have to leave. So he got right on the bed and curled up. It was pretty unbelievable, since usually he usually doesn't stop and we all get shooed out of the bedroom. Maybe he's finally figuring out that sometimes it pays to listen!

Did you send the fronts to us, Mickey?


  1. We had a rather fabulous weekend also.

  2. Way cool that you had such good days. Our weekend was way to hot--how did we do that Sophia?! We are farther north than you!!!

  3. I think you have great days at weekend~!
    I am very very happy for you!

  4. William, even when it's hot there, you are cool!

  5. sounds like a great weekend - we is glad you got rid of the HOTS for a while

  6. You can't beat cool August days to nap to.

  7. YUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Glad you enjoyed it,we certainly are!
    Glad you all had a good snooze!
    Purrs Mickey


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