Thursday, June 05, 2008

Why I Like Thursday.

The weekend is almost here. I'm not quite sure what we're going to do besides the usual, but I think I'm going to try to talk my mom into moving that stupid stationary bike out of our room and somewhere else. I mean, not even Russell uses it any more.

I knew it wouldn't last long. (Well, me and Black Cat.)

Have lots of fun and naps, everyone!


  1. Hey, William. You are looking good. Thank you for visiting us and keeping us company while Mom wasn't feeling all that well. Guess Russell keeps you jumping with all his antics. Glad that you got to enjoy watching some black birds.


  2. Same to you, Wm.! I hope you all have a fun yet restful weekend!

  3. Have good time at weekend to you as well, William!

  4. Rule, all unused exercice stuff should be hiden away!

  5. Seeing the unused exercise equipment just sitting there makes you feel worse than not exercising at all -- best to just hide it away, or use it to hang clothes on.

  6. Humph. You know my human is weird. She uses that cr#$%p

  7. Enjoy the weekend, William! And keep Russell in line...

  8. Momma has one of those bikes that go nowhere. It is out in the big shed, covered in dust. A good place for it.


  9. Hi William,
    Hope you all had a nice weekend. Tell Russell Tommy and I finally did the meme that Russell tagged us to do a million years ago. Thanks Russell!
    Your friend,


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