Sunday, July 15, 2007

Easy Like Sunday.

So how long is summer again?

Trixie (Bounce, Lucy and Trixie) and Ginger both nominated Olivia and Caroline for Rockin' Girl Blogger awards, and Jake (Jake and Bathsheba) nominated me for a Rockin' Boy Blogger award! It's taken me so long to acknowledge these that everybody's probably been nominated by now, but I wanted to say thanks a bunch for thinking of us–you guys are the best!

Donny and Marie and Casey also tagged me with a meme, which I promise promise promise I'll be doing next week.


  1. Hi William! Fanks for bisiting us and we dust wanted to let you know that yes, we has bin updating the bloggie and all our old stories are done and now we gots new stories too, so come read them and say hi again! Come read about the new condo partment and about how we cotted a dragon today!!

    luv taz

  2. We like summer because Mom opens all the windows in the morning. But then it gets humid and Mom gets cranky. We think it's nice of you to let your sister lie on your special counter.

  3. Are you all waiting for mom to put down the camera and feed you?

  4. Congrats on the awards. Can't wait for your meme.


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