Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday With Kangaroo.

I may just be being mean, but judge for yourselves.

Olivia wonders, "Does this kangaroo make me look fat?"

So here's a vegetable update because it's still hot and we're all cross except for my mom who's extra cross because on top of the heat somebody came right up on our porch today in broad daylight and stole our deacon's bench and what sort of a stupidhead steals a deacon's bench, anyway. We had flowers on all the zucchini, but somebody ate them. So we're thinking no zucchini. Our eggplant has never flowered, so we're thinking no eggplant. We had another flower on the pepper plant, but that's gone too. I guess if the one pepper survives to the dinner table, we'll try to figure out who ate the flowers. We have only birds and that cat who eyeballs our birds and gets all up in Caroline's face, so clearly this is the work of aliens. I think we should call Whitley Strieber.


  1. Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear about your bench!

    The beans here are kind of hot and cross also. I'm staying out of their way.

    Olivia, you're not fat - it's just the angle!!!

  2. What a nasty thing to do! I'm so sorry your deacon's bench was stolen.

    Our zucchini didn't even live long enough to flower. I think it lasted only about a week. The cherry tomatoes and peppers are all going crazy though. Mom planted them in Earth Boxes and it seems they're just high enough off the ground that no one can get to the flowers.

    My new tiny baby will take a lot of training. She doesn't want to pay any attention to what I tell her yet! I'm going to pay attention to how you deal with Caroline 'cuz I need to learn what to do with Ruckus.

    And Olivia, it's just the angle!

  3. That's horrible that someone had the audacity to come right up and steal your deacon's bench!

    I wonder if the flowers on you plants could have been eaten by the squirrel family that was there last summer?

  4. Dat wasn't furry nice to swipe stuff like yore deacon's bench. We actually like yore kangaroo Olivia and you don't look fat, just fluffy. We also fink those pesty squirrels ate yer stuff. Dey eat everything around our house too.

  5. aliens is a good guess. I see them efurry night in our back yard - Sammy

    and no Olivia your kangaroo does not make you look fat - it makes you look - bouncy!

  6. Personally I think Olivia is one pretty girl, more to love like me! We think your mom should put up a webcam to catch the thief. One year my Mom planted about a million sunflowers and the squirrels stole them all but one and later on she came home to a headless stalk! But somehow we don't thing squirrels took the deacons bench...

  7. Yep, it must have been a Stupidhead who stoled your bench.

    Olivia, you do not look fat! You look very cute.

  8. The bench dealie made my Momma really angry -- she hates it when stupidheads do stuff like that.

    Olivia, you look beyooootiful.

  9. we're sorry about all your stuff getting stolen and eaten and your weather being so yucky. here we have people who take things out of the yard and help themselves to the avocados and plums and assorted vegetables. they are called The Neighbor's Gardeners. they are very sneaky, and plus they have ladders. if you try to tell them to stop taking stuff, they speak in a foreign language and keep taking whatever they're taking. ooops...sorry. looks like we were venting. anyway, Olivia looks adorably floofy, and the Lady wants to cuddle her.

  10. Miss Olivia looks embarassed but so adorable.

    Maybe the cat who is eyeballing your birds is an alien and behind all of the theivery!!!

  11. Olivia, you're full figured, not fat.

    Aliens, Whitley Strieber ... does that your mom listens to "Coast to Coast AM" on the radio?

  12. Wow, the nerve to come right up and steal your deacon bench.

  13. I can't believe some doody head stole your bench! That is terrible. The universe generally evens that stuff out.
    It stinks that something is eating all your buds. Do you think it could be racoons? They steal all kindsa stuff in our yard (especially suet feeders). Hey maybe a bunch of them stole your bench!

    Caroline, we think you look huggable and snuggly, not at all fat.

  14. The camera adds 10 lbs you know.

    That is awful about your bench and also about your bejtables. That is why Momma buys her stuff at Yokes Fresh Market. She says the deer are bad enuf.

    That is an awful cute tummy, Olivia.

  15. Maybe it's a vicious deer. My Mom knows for sure what's eating her roses and flowers. We have a fenced off back yard that Mom put in about fifteen twenty years ago and the deer has always stayed out..............until last week. They got home and Dad said "what is that deer doing laying on the lawn in the back yard?" Mom got a picture of it but she is ticked off now cause while they were away today the deer got in there again and ate more flowers. But it would be kind of tough for a deer to steal your bench. Maybe eat the veggies.

    I don't know Olivia, I think you look pretty laying on that mat.



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