Sunday, August 13, 2006

Speed Blogging.

Well, I've been waiting for this storm to pass but it seems stuck. The yard looks like a pond again and there are white caps in the road!

This figures. Mom spent a squillion and a half hours this afternoon cutting the yard with that push thing and also that noisy thing that eats weeds. She came in all speckled with weed bits! The only good thing? I like the salty taste of her arms and neck when I give her kissies. The bad thing? All this rain and the weeds will be just as high tomorrow as they were before she cut them!

Oh well. I know this is good for my trees. And as long as I have a place to hide with all this thunder, I'm good.


  1. You are lucky for the rain William. Here, the Big Piney Woods are dry and crackly and the air smells like smoke. No a good thing. We need the sky to cry on us.


  2. Speed blogging is fun. We don't know what we'd do wifout it.

  3. A Summer Haiku

    Grass grows very high
    You mow and mow and mow...UGH!
    Summer grass treadmill.

  4. What's whitecaps? Is the road wearin white hats???
    ~~ Sanjee

  5. Wasn't that storm cool last night? My mama took me driving in it. There was loud boomies and lightnings!


Wowee meowee.