Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time Out.

Kangaroo Girl got stuck in Mom's room this evening for about an hour. I sat by the door until Mom called us for dinner. She asked me where my sister was, but DINNER. So then Mom went into her room for something and...there Olivia was! Turns out that Kangaroo Girl had taken advantage of her secret peace and quiet to crawl under the comforter and take a nap on Mom's pillow!

How come fun stuff like that never happens to me, I wonder?


  1. You need to grab some comforter time for yourself, William. Sleepin' under blankets is the best!

  2. i wonder, did you leave any dinner for Olivia? i wouldn't have. you snooze, you lose!

  3. Yeah, sleepin under blankies is best! Maybe you can sneak in while the kangaroo is hoppin somewhere else.

  4. Hey William,
    I'm collectiong opinions of declawing over at my blog. We'd like to know what you think! Stop by if you can! -Scooby

  5. My sister Josie likes to sleep under the comforter too. I much prefer Mom's side of the bed when Dad is sleeping, or Dad's side of the bed when Mom's sleeping, or just the whole bed to myself. You've got to love that bed time!


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