Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Second Worst Fear.

There Mom was, vacuuming away yesterday when she actually VACUUMED UP A CAT TOY. Well, that terrible machine started to whine and then scream and she had to turn it off and take it apart to get the toy out. The toy is pretty much wrecked now.

But I didn't mind so much because it wasn't really my favorite toy. Plus, awhile later Mom's sister arrived, my Aunt L., which was pretty exciting. She lives far, far away and we don't get to see her that often. I was really tiny the last time she visited and I just wanted to chew on her fingers. I didn't do that this time! In fact, I was pretty good.


  1. well, one has to ask. if a cat toy getting sucked up is your Second Worst Fear, what is your Worst Fear??? i wish i had an aunt who could visit, that sounds like fun.

  2. ME getting vacuumed up is my worst fear! Sometimes I try to stare that terrible machine down, so it could happen...

  3. whenever my Mom turns that stupid thing on, i just run. it's just too loud and mean lookin'. i always 'ppreciate it gettin' stuff off the floor that would otherwise stick to my paws, but overall, who needs it.

  4. I agree that vacuum cleaners are scary and not that useful to us kitties. Just when I had a nice layer of warm fur spread out on the carpet, the two-legged one sucked it all up with that vile machine. Doesn't she know that winter is coming?

  5. Josie, Maggie and I HATE the vacuum, but Huggy for some reason has no fear of it. Mom can run it right by him and he does even move. One time she almost sucked his tail up in the nozzle, and that did make him move, but I don't think it was because he was scared. I think it just inconvinenced him.

    And we love when our Aunts come and visit. We love visitors.



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