Thursday, July 21, 2005

What's A Transformer?

This afternoon our clocks stopped when the big hand was on the ten and the little hand was on the three. When Mom got home she told us we'd lost electricity. I wondered how that happened. Did Olivia hide it somewhere? Or maybe her kangaroo took it?

Well, while we looked for it, it kept getting hotter and hotter. And then it got darker and darker!

Thank goodness we finally found it again. The flashy light Mom was using to see was kind of fun, but we were all too hot to enjoy it. And now we're still trying to get cooled down with that magic blowy thing that finally came back on. Woo hoo! Mom says it's now down to a balmy 85° inside.

Glad I have this fur coat!


  1. woo, that sounds awfully warm in your house. if your 'lectricity gets lost again, you can come over my house, it's nice and cool!

  2. That happened to me here one day too! Shmaybe somebean or somecat is stealing the 'lectricity?! Very strange. I'm glad you got it back though...85 sure does seem warm!

  3. I would like a fur coat but I think that's impossible. Your fur coat btw is very luscious!

  4. Glad you got the air back on and found the electricy! If you lose it again, I suggest calling the Pet Detective! (Or maybe you can put a jingle bell on it???)


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