Monday, June 06, 2005

Not Yet.

None of us was in the mood to stay still for pictures. We were still too busy checking out this pillowy-soft stuff on the floor! So very nice on the toes! We've got Mom's (really Eddie's, Olivia's and my) room, the living room, and the dining room pretty much done. This evening I started on the den. I kept the work area clean by picking up carpet bits and moving them as far away as I could. I know Mom appreciated it.

I forgot to tell the most exciting thing that happened over the weekend. When Mom had moved the bed parts to the other side of the room, it was right near the window. Both Olivia and I got a little excited being up there, I guess, because the next thing I knew, I was airborne! There was Mom way down on the floor doing the carpet, and there I was, sailing right toward her while still on the mattress! It was scary and exciting at the same time and made my tummy all tickly.

Mom was a little surprised but she didn't get crushed. And I was a little surprised but I was OK too. You know what? It was kinda fun. In fact, I think I wanted to do it again!

I'm pretty sure I'm ready for a trip to the amusement park now. If I stretch real long I bet I can meet the height requirement!


  1. Now that mattress ride sounds like fun. I wonder how I could swing one of those?

  2. I love it when my tummy tickles, but I don't like hitting the ground at the end. ~Merlin


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