Monday, June 27, 2005

It's Me, Olivia.

William is in the corner tonight because he got into my mommy's dresser while she was on the phone with Aunt M., just opened the drawer himself and pulled out a bunch of scarves with his very pointy toes. He was looking for toys, which she did have hidden in there because you know William, he can't play responsibly. Not only was Mommy very mad at him but she cut his toenails right after that, too! And she told him he could not play with ill-gotten toys, whatever that means, and she took them away and closed the bedroom door. Anyway, that's why I'm here tonight, which is good because I've got a very important story to tell!

Last night when Mommy was getting ready to go to bed, I was just kind of hanging out and trilling at her. I was really waiting to get into her bathroom, because I love that room and I love to just sit in the shower–well, not when it's on, of course. Anyway, all of a sudden, I saw this really scary spider near the baseboard. I knew I had to save Mommy from it!

I chased it under the bathroom door. Mommy opened it for me and turned on the light so she could see, too. Well, I just gave that terrible spider a swat with my paw before he could get hidden anywhere else, come out later and scare my mommy or something, and that did it. I didn't even eat him like a certain brother I have named William!

It was a very dainty dispatch and my mommy was so happy that I saved her. I didn't even bite her when she pet me.



  1. A spider huh? Well you were very brave to save your Mom from that. That is a poodie's most important job, saving Mom and taking care of her. And you didn't bite her either. Good job. ~Merlin, Shadow, KoKo

    PS We hope Wm gets out of the corner soon.

  2. Yes, you were very brave Olivia! Mommies need us to kill bugs for them.

  3. Olivia what a good girl! It's good you took care of that nasty spider a'cause it sounds like William was busy with his nail clipping incident.

  4. We love spiders over here. Josie got one the other night. She's a super star bug hunter.


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