Thursday, April 21, 2005

We Want Attention.

Tuesday, Olivia the little piglet eating machine spit up cat grass. Mom didn't notice and stepped in it! Eeew.

Wednesday, Eddie, the alleged sensible one, barfed up food and cat grass in the hallway. While Mom was cleaning it up off the floor, she stuck her hand in the rest of it by mistake because she didn't see it on the patterned rug! Eeew. Eeew. Eeew!

Today, Olivia the little piglet eating machine spit up cat grass again. Sigh.

Poor Mom. She needs a break. At least I didn't barf. I did this instead.

I was helping. (Well, she
left them out for two minutes.)
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  1. hey, that seems very helpful of you - you were "pre-tearing" all of those pieces of paper towel for your mom!


  2. What beeaauutiful poodie art. I'm sure it made your Mom feel better after all of that cleaning. Our Mom usually ends up stepping in our throw-ups-ewww,eww,eww is also her reaction. ~Merlin, Shadow, and Ko Ko

  3. Eww Eww!! I don't like it when my food wants to come back out. It scares me. I bet they felt bad :( My Mommy said "yuk" when she saw what happened to your Mommy.
    I like that shredding job! Nice goin! I'm workin' on my TP skills.

  4. *applauds* Awesome work on the paper towels!! I would've needed a nap after all of that work.

    Your poor Mommy. My Mommy can't handle cleaning up stuff like that very good...especially if it's still warm. Usually tho' she does walk through it and smears it. I personally rarely leave barf around but my sister Shy does it all the time.


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