Monday, February 28, 2005


Every time Mom comes home from hunting, she always calls out "Hi, boys!" That's because Eddie and I always meet her at the door while Olivia is usually sleeping like a little princess (on my bed!). Eddie always talks while he gets pet on the head first, and I always fall right down and stretch real long so Mom can rub my belly a lot next.

Sometimes WMD means William, Mom's Doll Posted by Hello


  1. You are very small Wm., but very cute ~Merlin's Mom.

  2. I hide in the dining room and make myself look like a black pancake :) Then, when Mommy comes in, I jump up and put stinky rub on her!

  3. Heyyyyyyy I know that pose too! I love it a'cuz I get belly rubs when I do that!

    Usually when my Mommy gets home I'm sitting prettily by the door waiting for her. My sisters stay put sleepin' away like they don't notice.



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