Saturday, January 29, 2005

Bad Noises.

We heard a horrible loud buzzing noise for a long time today. We didn't know what it was or where it was coming from but we didn't like it one bit! Olivia was afraid that it was a gigantic bee coming to sting all of us or maybe grab us and fly away with us, but she is only little, after all.

I finally figured out that it was coming from outside. I watched from the window. Bad bad men were attacking the trees across the street! They were cutting off all their tree arms. It was unbelievable!

That wasn't even all of it! After some quiet, we were all startled again by loud crashing booms. We all hunkered down low and went into patrol mode, looking this way and that for danger, it was that loud and that scary. Mom said the tree arms were being loaded into a truck to be taken away. Another disruption in our day!

Well, now there are just armless trees in that yard. Why would anyone let someone attack their trees, I wonder. Sometimes I just don't get humans. I remember those trees were so big and so green and so shady in the summer. Now I think they just look pretty dumb, and sad, too. What will happen to all the little birds who used to live there?

I am so glad my mom would never let anyone do mean things to our trees! And I really hope all those homeless little birds come over to our yard to live–we have tons of room!


  1. Those poor trees. Some beans never think about other life that might be disrupted by what they do. We're glad our Mommies aren't like that. Yours loves animals and nature like mine does it seems. We wonder how the trees felt about it all? ~merlin, shadow, nic, salsa, fig, pip, aeowen, narnia

  2. I'm sad for those trees. I love the trees in my yard and couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have them all cut like that :( You have a kind Mommy that cares for the trees and for those birdies! You could probably have a nice birdfeeder like I have in my front window! I see all kinds of different birdies there like cardinals, bluejays, nuthatches, the list goes on and on!

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